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There is enormous flexibility in how a writing session might work for you

If you are clear about your needs then that is where we’d start our discussion and from there go forward


It might be that . . .  you only know that you’d like support for your writing, but are unclear how that might work


Here’s what I offer

*    space to focus on your writing and your process of writing

*    imaginative ways of exploring and extending your writing practice

*    discussion about the emotional underpinning of your writing

*    time to connect with yourself 

As feels fitting, we give space to both the creative and the therapeutic potential of your writing. For more understanding of my interpretation of the genre please to go to the page on creative and therapeutic writing.  

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If you are a practitioner in one of the healing professions:

*    supervision of your work with others and their writing

*    how to maintain a safe and nurturing space

*    support for your own reflective practice

*    discussion around tricky issues when working with others

*    reflection on running workshops with groups

*    support in setting up a peer supervision network


You can have a Writing Session

*    Face-to face in Forest Row, East Sussex

*    Skype or FaceTime  


How Often?

*    for us to discuss and reach an agreement

*    once a month, or once in six weeks works well 



We will discuss this when you make contact - I have a sliding scale depending on time involved and reading beforehand. For some, particularly relying on an internet connection, 45 minutes might be enough. For others, meeting in person, often up to an hour and a half (including time for experiential writing) might work better.

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I had a hugely successful writing session with Monica who picked up straight away how I needed to free up my writing. MH


As usual I am inspired to go deep into myself and reflect on my feelings and thoughts. And then I find words to clearly describe those feelings and thoughts. The process is revealing and satisfying. NM


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