The Mini-Book Series



Creative Therapeutic Writing

Written by Monica Suswin

Edited by Gillie Bolton

These books on Creative Therapeutic Writing are part of the developing field of Writing for Wellbeing. Written in straightforward and accessible language, the series is appropriate for individual writers interested in personal development, as well as practitioners in healthcare, pastoral positions and creative writing.

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At some point around five or six years ago, I imagined my book would be taken by a publisher with an interest in creative writing with a therapeutic focus. But our rapidly changing digital age meant publishers and their marketing teams were hit hard around five years ago.  When I failed to secure a contract, my hopes evaporated.

Now I am delighted that the manuscript I thought was completed four years ago was not published as one normal length book. It might have been an easier ride into publication when I was ready with my 85,000 word manuscript. But . . .  

Independently publishing, however, was gaining respectability and in 2016 that’s what I went for. The four mini-books I extrapolated from the original manuscript have evolved into a far better and effective read. And I am grateful I had an ‘aha’ moment when I quickly sketched out how my thirteen chapters would divide up into the four books.

Each of the books addresses a distinct theme and is tackled through my own exploration of creative therapeutic writing. Suggested exercises are included at the end of each chapter so readers may be stimulated to do their own writing.

The imagination is engaged throughout the books through prose, poems, and dialogues. All literary styles are common to Writing for Wellbeing, along with other helpful strategies. There are many ways of describing this genre – you can read about my particular explanation by going to the page on creative & therapeutic writing . . .    

Over the years, I have worked with Dr Gillie Bolton, my editor for this series. Now retired, she is the author of many books about the benefits and transformational power of writing for everyone: beginners, practitioners in health care, writers and academics. Her popular book The Writer’s Key, explores the transformational power of writing to deepen our understanding of ourselves, our lives and to find creative solutions for life.

The mini-book series is printed by Short Run Press in Exeter



Illustration by Olivia Haughton

Illustration by Olivia Haughton


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