The cabin is spacious and well appointed, with a desk, comfortable arm chair, kitchenette, and a beautiful view over Monica’s garden and Ashdown Forest.  Monica provided a light breakfast and a cooked dinner, which I ate in the house with her. During the retreat I much appreciated the peace and quiet of the cabin, and the opportunity to take walks in the woods. And I was glad to spend time with my host, a creative writing instructor, traveller and poet, whose warm company and informed perspective always gives me a sense of the value of my own creative endeavours.  NF

My writing sessions with Monica help me to move more freely and openly into my own emotional truths, without fear and without judgement. This alone would be benefit enough, but that freedom of creative and emotional thought also crosses over into my literary and academic writing projects. The only way I can describe it is that I write more deeply. I’m less occluded by fear of judgement (by other people and my own self-judgement). More importantly, I am less afraid to ‘go there’ in my writing: to try to touch the profundity of human experience that I so crave in good writing — others’ and my own.   JC

The Cabin on the Hill is a wonderful place, not only for creatives, but for those looking for the space to think deeply, to take a step back from life and reflect. The cabin itself is beautiful and the view provided both calm and inspiration. Monica is a generous, insightful and hospitable host, and it was an absolute pleasure to get to know her.  KG

When I first came to Monica’s cabin, I didn’t really know what I was looking for, but I was desperate for space and solitude for my mind to wander. The cabin welcomed me with a log-burning fire that I could stare into while I fed it, treetop views that let my thoughts unfurl, and the scrabble of squirrels on the roof. Through Monica’s thoughtful writing sessions, and the gentle holding space she creates for other women, I have uncovered a spectrum of emotions and memories that both heal, and serve as fuel for my work as a writer. There is something in the order of magic here.  JC

studio in summer.jpg

I feel a sense of calm, contemplation and inspiration in the air at Monica's workshop. Beginning with silence and space, words seem to come from the cabin and the beautiful garden and fill us all with wonder and new revelations. It is a special place to share and allow room for my writing to breathe.  JW

The cabin felt like an almost sacred space: cosy, warm, inviting – a very permissive place.  JB