My writing has taken me half way through a very long term project – a series of mini-books about creative therapeutic writing. This has been work in progress for the last fifteen years or so. Although in the beginning, when I was scribbling randomly about what mattered to me, I had no idea that in 2017,        I would start to publish these themed books about my own lived experience. And that this exploration would also include strategies and exercises to inspire my readers to find their own form of expressive writing.

Two are currently available: A Fox Crossed My Path (2017) and Love & Loss (2018). You can read more here.


Cabin on the Hill

At the top of my garden is a cedar wood cabin and here I run writing workshops. Writers also visit for short retreats


other activities

Apart from a writing life, I enjoy ceramics and am learning to make pots. In another life-time I might have been a gardener but for now my time in the garden is sporadic. Nevertheless, I enjoy looking after a demi-wild terraced garden on a slope, which leads to the Cabin on the Hill.

Open Floor Dancing is a derivative of 5Rythms (Gabriel Roth) and I go to a class once a week. This is a movement in meditation and complements my writing practice perfectly.

East Sussex is where I have lived for almost 25 years, having moved from North London. I am the mother of a grown-up daughter and son-in-law, grandmother of a little boy.