The Healing Power of Writing Workshops 2018

Autumn dates:

Sunday 1.30-5.30pm    23 September

Saturday 2-6pm            13 October

Sunday 1.30-5.30pm     4 November 

£35 a session


Four hour workshops are held in the Cabin – plenty of time for discussion, writing and sharing. In our tea break we go down to the bottom of the hill and sit around my kitchen table for a shared snack. A contribution for a pot luck tea break is much appreciated. Numbers are limited to six so the groups are small and quickly build up an intimate atmosphere, which feels contained and safe - particularly once the wood burning fire is blazing. Apart from writing materials, you will need to bring indoor shoes/slippers.

We always start with silence and this allows for a settling down, a feeling of arrival and a shaking off of the journey to the workshop - both practical and emotional. Participants are invited to explore a range of personal issues and very quickly we decide together themes to explore through creative expressive writing. Because we share our common humanity, time and again there is a synchronicity of experiences which fosters connections.

Conversations and writing may be about family relationships, ambivalence, anger and sadness, needs for new directions, tricky situations, how to be creative, making time and space in busy lives. The diversity sits with those present and what each person brings. There may be tears, but equally so laughter as well. And surprisingly despite serious subjects being tackled the writing brings with it a sense of fun. The creative process of writing works through the imagination which has a chance to wander and break free.

And this kind of writing, alongside the experience of sharing with others, is a gift to yourself. Words – spoken and written – may bring feelings of healing and integration.

The Healing power of Writing Workshops 2018

Autumn dates: 

Sunday 1.30-5.30pm     23 September

Saturday 2-6pm             13 October

Sunday 1.30-5.30pm      4 November 

£35 a session

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