Currently I offer:

24 hour retreat with a writing session

Supper and Breakfast

This short space of time will expand to give you the focus:

  • to immerse yourself in your writing project

  • discuss and explore more of its imaginative scope

  • look at issues with another writer from other perspectives

  • share your understanding of what you are wanting to achieve

You'll stay in the cabin where there is a bed, a desk, comfy armchair, small fridge for chilled food, electricity and wi fi and a wood-burning stove. 

  • Breakfast is porridge or muesli, fruit and toast

  • A home-cooked supper (vegetarian or not - we have a biodynamic farm in the village, so our meat is super organic and a wonderful fish shop too so I often make fish pie)

There's an outside loo and cold water butler sink for your independence.       An overnight pot in the cabin for convenience.

You'll not be overlooked by neighbours, but this is urban countryside so the usual sounds of machines might intrude. It is quiet but I cannot guarantee complete silence.

Be a house guest and come indoors for a shower (bring your own towel please and house slippers or indoor shoes for the cabin).

And most importantly a Writing Session - possibly later in the afternoon once you are settled in. Or in the morning the next day.

Arrive between 2-4pm on a Saturday and leave at a similar time on the Sunday Other times by arrangement.

Follow up writing sessions will give you continuity                                              And if you enjoy the experience you can always return . . . 

Cost: £125

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