Books 3 & 4

I am preparing the third and fourth books in the series for publication in 2019.

  • Shifting Boundaries: creative therapeutic writing on family life & friendship

  • Rope Mates: creative therapeutic writing on companionship for writers


Advance Review for Rope Mates

This compassionate and permissive guide to therapeutic writing, is a personal but professionally grounded celebration of the invaluable support writers can receive from significant companions on their creative journey: workshop members and supervisors, both paid and peer-to-peer. Filled with wise advice and empathic encouragement, fascinating detours and provocative writing exercises. Like the whole series, Rope Mates encompasses the spiritual, psychological, intellectual and lyrical dimensions of creative writing, and in so doing eloquently distils the work of a lifetime. 

Naomi Foyle (poet and novelist)

Banner Photo: Zim, my cat, keeps an eye on progress