This is where I run my workshops, and guests stay if they come on retreat. It's a spacious studio space at the top of my long sloping garden with sweeping views of tree tops all around.


About Log Cabins

The tradition of building log cabins came from the forested areas of Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Russia; and have long provided simple one room homes. When settlers arrived in North America, in the seventeenth century, they took their building skills with them. In wooded areas, log cabins quickly became useful and cheap dwellings.

Nowadays a room in the garden, particularly a simple wooden version of the log cabin, gives that extra versatile living space. The Cabin on the Hill was built by wood-worker, Mark Haughton. It is constructed from waney-edged sweet chestnut boards on the outside and lined with solid cedar inside. It is well insulated so once the wood burning stove is on the go, it gets very snug.


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